Entry Question

We are excited that you want to enter our contest. We know that sometimes technology does not always cooperate, but we want to do our best to receive your entry. Below are some common issues and questions (depending on the type of contest you are participating in) that may help. Additionally, because we want your eligible entry we have provided an alternative method to enter the contest. Each contest is unique and these common issues and questions may not apply.

You have come to the right section if you have questions or problems with entering the contest.

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If you receive this error please try the following:

  •  Go back to the entry form and verify your information. Enter (or re-enter) any missing information and try to submit your entry again. After you click submit give the system a few seconds to register your entry. If you see the message that your entry was submitted you were successful. If you still receive the error then see the section “E-mailing your entry”.
My picture file will not upload.

Pictures files must be in one of the acceptable formats: JPG, PDF, or PNG. We do not promise other formats will work. If you continue to have problems uploading your picture you may contact us at “contests@lynchburgorthodontics.com” and we will attempt to address the issue at our convenience.

Why don't I see my entry?

Entries may take 24-48 hours (or longer over holidays and weekends) to appear. But rest assured if the system displayed that your entry was successful you are entered. If after 72 hours you do not see your entry please send an e-mail to “contests@lynchburgorthodontics.com”. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

72 hours and I still don't see my entry.

If after 72 hours you do not see your entry please send an e-mail to “contests@lynchburgorthodontics.com”. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

E-mailing your entry. (Alternate Entry Method)

If you were not able to successfully use the Contest Entry Form you may following the exact steps below to enter via e-mail. If you supply all of the information below and follow the contest rules and guidelines, then we will update the contest page with your eligible entry.

To enter via e-mail provide the following:

  1. All required fields / information listed in the contest entry form. Entries with missing required fields / information will not be considered valid.
  2. Include your any optional information.
  3. Attach, if required, any files in the proper format as define by the contest.
  4. Tell us why you are entering by e-mail: (required) Please help us by providing details of why you could not use the Contest Entry form.
  5. Send your entry to “contests@lynchburgorthodontics.com”.

Only the official entry form or the above method will be accepted. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

I still have a question or issue about the contest.

If you still have a question or concern regarding your entry please e-mail “contests@lynchburgorthodontics.com”. We will attempt to answer your e-mail but due to time constraints may not be able to provide a reply.

Only the official entry form or following the instructions for e-mailing your entry will be accepted as a valid.  NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.