Smiles Changes Lives

Smiles Change Lives (SCL) promotes and provides access to life-changing, essential orthodontic treatment for children from low-income families.

smiles change lives

SCL is now offering affordable orthodontic care nationwide. If you need braces but can’t afford them, you may qualify for assistance. Since 1997, SCL has helped more than 1,500 kids receive happy, healthy new smiles and brighter, more confident futures. Dr. Elena Black is the only SCL provider in Lynchburg, VA.

Do you qualify?

To find out if SCL’s program is right for you, visit SCL’s Program Guidelines page. SCL is now serving patients ages 10-18.

How does the program work?

General dentists, orthodontists, community organizations, youth groups, churches, school nurses, safety-net clinics or anyone who knows a deserving, low-income candidate for orthodontic treatment can refer a patient. Eligible youth and families can download an application from SCL’s website, or request one by phone, (888) 900-3554, or by e-mail at and submit to the address on the application. In order to qualify for free orthodontic treatment, the patient has to:

  • Be 10-18 years old
  • Have good oral hygiene
  • Not already be wearing braces
  • Have a household taxable income at or below 200{3a6939d3846206894427d734c38bf8fb11e797ab434a9cacf7dae1460cbc0fe3} of the federal poverty guidelines

Visit SCL’s website to see if you meet the program financial guidelines. IF approved, be willing to pay a one time family fee of $600* *If a subsidized placement is available at the time the patient is approved for the SCL program and the income falls at or below 100{3a6939d3846206894427d734c38bf8fb11e797ab434a9cacf7dae1460cbc0fe3} of the Federal Poverty Level, this payment will be reduced.


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